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With WakaCall, you can make calls from PC and mobile phones using our dialpad, or make callbacks from any regular phone.

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*Note: Account numbers with credit topped up will be emailed to you after your purchase within 24 hours.

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We have ukash for wholesale which can be used to buy credit for voipstunt, voipbuster(pro), voipcheap, voipdiscount, poivy, lowratevoip, internetcalls, netappel, freecall, webcalldirect, sipdiscount, sparvoip etc. Normally both of Users and Resellers can use it. Check your account in "buy credit". Minimum order is 500EUR. Payment by money order or Casher's check only. Please contact if interested.

We have AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE / VOUCHER for wholesale. Please contact if interested.

We have Vbuzzer Whole Sale. Please contact if interested.

To avoid fraudulent payments, all international buyers must pay by Money Orders.

We sell all these voip credits.We always pick the best in the market!

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Linksys PAP2-NA

With the adapter, use VoIP phone service and replace your traditional home phone.

Make international calls directly.

Portal. Carry your "home phone" with you.

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Get a phone number for voipagain, vbuzzer etc to receive free unlimited incoming calls.

Free US Phone Number, no monthly fee. We only charge a little service fee.

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  • Please make sure to put in your VOIP account ID(username) when you check out. After you place your order, you could email or call us to verify it.
  • Otherwise, you can choose to receive credit voucher. The voucher number will be emailed to you. You're guaranteed to receive the credit within 24 hours. Usually, it'll be much faster. Thanks for you business.


  • We accept payments by credit cards, Paypal, bank wire transfer and money order.
  • If you want to use MoneyGram or West Union, please contact us for details. Click here toFind Western Union Agent Locations in Your Area.
  • If the payment is sent by paypal from unconfirmed address, or there is any other doubtful information, for security purpose, we may call you for verification. We'll try our best to avoid any fraudulent payments.
  • All international buyers must pay by Money Orders, because we have received too many fraudulent payments.


VoIP ID/Skype/Msn: cunyalen


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